Brian Rudnick, the Pocket Guide, pulls interesting things out of his pocket and interacts with his audience. This educational and fun program is ideal for school age children, seniors and everyone in between. Choose from these themes: The Natural World, Books, Math, Potpourri or let the Pocket Guide custom design a program that fits your needs!

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Especially for Educators: the Pocket Guide to MATH

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An interactive show-and-tell program exploring  various Pa Core Standard Math topics. These include numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, data, measurement and probability. Some presentation themes are Math in Nature, Knots, The Math of Projectiles and The Power of Powers. Programs are also available for virtual delivery to your classroom, camp, activity room or social organization.

Brian Rudnick’s techniques for connecting youth to math through physical, teamwork- based activities enabled our campers to practice many key skills in one, fun moment. When educators utilize multiple intelligences to connect youth with an idea or concept, children are able to connect and learn in a way that best fits them without struggling to learn in a linear manner. Brian’s techniques were engaging, physically inclusive, and easily differentiated for a range of ages/abilities.”

– – – Christina Moresi, Environmental Educator